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1 the . a bit of strong materials (as wooden or even metal) utilized specifically for buckling points collectively or even like a assistance through which something might be hanging through an additional w outdated . the middle peg of the focus on; additionally . the middle by itself d . something which looks like the pin number particularly within slim elongated type < an electric connection pin number > deb (1) . among the items constituting the prospective in a variety of video games (as bowling) (2) . the actual peg where the quoit is actually frequency (3) . the actual personnel from the banner tagging the pit on the course at the . the peg with regard to controlling the strain from the guitar strings of the guitar farrenheit . the actual a part of a vital originate which makes its way into the locking mechanism grams . the belaying pin number
two the (1) . an extremely slim little directed steel pin number having a mind utilized specifically for buckling fabric (2) . small. trifle < trouble all of them! We do not treatment the pin number regarding all of them Bram Stoker> w . a good decoration or even logo attached in order to clothes having a pin number d (1) . bobby pin number (2) . hairpin (3) . security pin number
four . the drop within fumbling
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He or she passed out hooks using the serenity sign up all of them.
< the kitty which was nevertheless just a little unsteady upon it's hooks following anesthesia>
Center British, through Aged British pinn (akin in order to Aged Higher German born pfinn peg), possibly through Latina pinna quill, feather much more from pencil
Very first Recognized Make use of: prior to twelfth hundred years
transitive action-word
1 the . in order to secure, sign up for, or even safe having a pin number w . to keep quick or even immobile d . to provide (a youthful woman) having a fraternity pin number like a promise associated with love
two the . secure < pinned their expectations on the miracle> < pin number the actual fault upon somebody else> w . in order to allocate the actual fault or even obligation with regard to < pin number the actual thievery on the evening watchman> d . in order to determine or even figure out obviously or even specifically generally combined with lower < it's difficult in order to pin number lower precisely whenever points transformed Katharine Whittemore>
3 the . to create (a chess adversary’s piece) not able to proceed without having subjecting the actual full to check on or perhaps a useful item in order to catch w of the wrestler . in order to safe the drop more than (an opponent)
Observe pin number described with regard to English-language students
Your woman pinned the flower in order to the woman’s gown.
The overall pinned the actual honor about the jewellry.
Your woman pinned upward the woman’s locks.
He or she pinned an indicator about the walls.
The actual people had been pinned underneath the remains.
The actual pads pinned their hands in order to their attributes.
Your woman had been pinned from the aspect from the vehicle.

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